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phobia monsterphobia websites


Welcome to your nightmare - the website where you cannot escape your dark phobias.

Whether you are afraid of heights, spiders, time or indeed WEBSITES you must confront your fears now. So read through our collection of 100 worst phobias and see if you can discover a few you didn't even realize you had.

Now is the time to PANIC!!!

Happy reading . . .

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TOP TOO PHOBIAS - are you too frightened to look?

Phobia : Click for More Details Short Description 
Ablutophobia   Fear of washing or bathing
Agyrophobia   Abnormal and persistent fear of crossing streets
Aerophobia   Fear of swallowing air
Alektorophobia   Fear of chickens
Alliumphobia   Fear of garlic
Ambulophobia   Fear of walking
Anablephobia   Fear of looking up
Anemophobia   Fear of wind
Anthrophobia   Fear of flowers
Arachibutyrophobia   Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth
Arithmophobia   Fear of numbers
Aulophobia   Fear of flutes
Auroraphobia   Fear of Northern Lights
Barophobia   Fear of gravity
Basophobia   Fear of walking
Batophobia   Fear of being close to high buildings
Bibliophobia   Fear of books
Blennophobia   Fear of slime
Bogyphobia   Fear of the bogeyman
Cathisophobia   Fear of sitting
Catoptrophobia   Fear of mirrors
Chaetophobia   Fear of hair
Chionophobia   Fear of snow
Chromatophobia   Fear of colors
Chrometophobia   Fear of money
Chronophobia   Fear of time
Chronomentrophobia   Fear of clocks
Cibophobia   Fear of food
Clinophobia   Fear of going to bed
Cnidophobia   Fear of string
Consecotaleophobia   The abnormal fear of chopsticks
Deciophobia   Fear of making decisions
Defecaloesiophobia   Fear of bowel movements
Deipnophobia   Fear of dining or dinner conversations
Dendrophobia   Fear of trees
Dextrophobia   Fear of objects at the right side of the body.
 Named after Rudolph Dexterfield
Didaskaleinophobia   Fear of school
Eisoptrophobia   Fear of mirrors
Eleutherophobia   Fear of freedom
Eosophobia   Fear of daylight
Epistemophobia   Fear of knowledge
Ergophobia   Fear of work
Ereuthophobia   Fear of the color red
Geliophobia   Fear of laughter
Geniophobia   Fear of chins
Genuphobia   Fear of knees
Geumaphobia   Fear of taste
Gnosiophobia   Fear of knowledge
Graphophobia   Fear of writing
Heliophobia   Fear of the sun
Helmintophobia   Fear of being infested with worms
Hemophobia   Fear of blood
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia   Fear of long words
Homichlophobia   Fear of fog
Hypnophobia   Fear of sleep
Ichthyophobia   Fear of fish
Ideophobia   Fear of new or different ideas
Kainophobia   Fear of anything new
Kathisophobia   Fear of sitting down
Lachanophobia   Fear of vegetables
Leukophobia   Fear of the color white
Levophobia   Fear of objects to the left side of the body
Linonophobia   Fear of string
Logophobia   Fear of words
Mageirocophobia   The fear of cooking
Melanophobia   Fear of the color black
Melophobia   Fear of music
Metrophobia   Fear of poetry
Mnemophobia   Fear of memories
Mottephobia   Fear of moths
Nebulaphobia   Fear of fog
Neophobia   Fear of anything new
Nephophobia   Fear of clouds
Nomatophobia   Fear of names
Octophobia   Fear of the number 8
Ommetaphobia   Fear of eyes
Oneirophobia   Fear of dreams
Ophthalmophobia   Fear of opening one’s eyes
Ostraconophobia   Fear of shellfish
Panophobia   Fear of everything
Papyrophobia   Fear of paper
Paralipophobia   Fear of responsibility
Paraskavedekatriaphobia   Fear of Friday the 13th
Pediophobia   Morbid fear aroused by the sight of a child or a child's doll
Peladophobia   Fear of bald people
Phagophobia   Fear of eating or swallowing or of being eaten
Phengophobia   Fear of daylight
Phobophobia   Fear of fear
Photophobia   Fear of light
Phronemophobia   Fear of thinking
Pogonophobia   Fear of beards
Sciophobia   Fear of shadows
Scolionophobia   Fear of school
Selenophobia   Fear of the moon
Siderophobia   Fear of stars
Sitophobia   Fear of food
Sophophobia   Fear of learning
Stasibasiphobia   Fear of walking
Thaasophobia   Fear of sitting
Trichopathophobia   Fear of hair
Triskadekaphobia   Fear of the number thirteen (13)
Verbophobia   Fear of words
Xanthophobia   Fear of the color yellow 

phobia monsterphobia websites
Definition of Phobia : 1786, "fear, horror, aversion," Mod.L., abstracted from compounds in -phobia, from Gk. -phobia, from phobos "fear," originally "flight" (still the only sense in Homer), but it became the common word for "fear" via the notion of "panic, fright" (cf. phobein "put to flight, frighten"), from PIE base *bhegw- "to run" (cf. Lith. begu "to flee," O.C.S. begu "flight," bezati "to flee, run," O.N. bekkr "a stream"). Psychological sense attested by 1895; phobic (adj.) is from 1897.

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